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This Page contains some links that you may find useful. They may help you find something you are looking for or help you increase your interest in radio drama and Saturday Night Theatre in particular.

If you want to recommend a link or offer any feedback or corrections please let us know by using the Contact Us page.


Radio Drama Listing Site
If you are looking for cast lists or broadcast dates of a particular drama these sites may be useful.
Global British Comedy Collaborative Radio Listings Global British Comedy Collaborative  

Although predominantly a comedy site a number of drama listings are included.

The site is run by a collection of volunteers who compile comprehensive listings of all broadcasts including dates, cast and other info. These can then be downloaded in "Word" or PDF format.

Radio Listings Radio Listings  

A site that does what it says on the tin.

Comprehensive listings from 1997 onwards. Easy to use format.

Saturday Night Theatre SNT Writer Sites
Many people have written for Saturday Night Theatre over the years, some have even created their own websites
Bert Coules Script Writer Bert Coules  

A site featuring the work of freelance scriptwriter Bert Coules.

Bert has written and adapted many excellent dramas for the BBC. He was also the lead scriptwriter for the BBC's Sherlock Holmes series which dramatised the entire Sherlock Holmes canon and is considered by many people to be the most authentic and comprehensive series to feature the Great Detective

Steve Walker Script Writer Steve Walker  

A regular contributor to Saturday Night Theatre and other Radio 4 drama Steve's site features information on all aspects of his career.

A unique feature is the ability to download scripts of some his best work, including a personal favorite "The Pope's Brother".

Neville Teller  Script Writer Neville Teller  

A name that will be instantly recognisable to regular listeners to Radio 4 drama.

Neville has been writing and dramatising for Radio 4 for a number of years. He was trusted with dramatising many of the crime novels of P.D. James, an author who is known for insisting that adaptations of her book remain close to the original.

Brian Sibley Script Writer and Producer Brian Sibley  

Another instantly recognisable name.

Brian was the inspiration and the lead writer in the BBC's hugely successful "Lord of the Rings" dramatisation. He has also worked on other projects such as the "Narnia Chronicles" and award winning adaptations of the novels by Mervyn Peake.

Roger Stennett Roger Stennett  
Although Roger's last Saturday Night Theatre appearance was in 1996, it is good to not he is still very busy writing for stage, screen and thankfully radio.

Roger has had a varied career taking him through international athletics, martial arts and self help and therapy. He somehow manages to bring some of these themes together to produce original dramas.
Other Websites for fans of Saturday Night Theatre
These sites may not be directly linked to Radio and Saturday Night Theatre, but they are well worth a visit
Visit The British Drama Website The British Drama Website  

If you are interested in the very best of British television and radio this is the site for you.

The site is an on-line encyclopedia of the very best of British. From Lord Peter Wimsey to Inspector Morse, Upstairs. Downstairs to Worzel Gummidge. Full episode details are available with links to purchase DVD's and Videos. If you are looking for that long lost TV series, I would make this the 1st place to look

Visit Albert and Harold Albert and Harold  

The worlds most famous Rag and Bone men Steptoe and Son.

This tribute site features character and artist biographies. The site is interactive with an active forum and an opportunity for visitors to write a review of their favorite show.

Albert and Harold also made a successful transition to radio.

The Christie Mystery Website The Christie Mystery  
Agatha Christie - Unravelling The Secrets of Her Phenomenal Success

Why were her books so successful? Who really was Agatha Christie? What were the influences on her writing? How did she actually write her books?

How did she manage so successfully to keep the reader guessing the identity of the murderer until the final chapter? How could we possibly have missed that vital clue? And could we ever really have solved the mystery ourselves?


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